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Longevity Therapy In Houston TX

Longevity Therapy In Houston TX

Does hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have an impact on the extension of one’s life? What exactly is longevity therapy in Houston Texas? Do human growth hormones actually extend the number of years that one can live? Let us take a look at this phenomenon called HRT that scores of people from all over the United States are raving about because of its incredible benefits upon the human body as it is aging. A countless number of studies published in prestigious medical journals have proven a direct correlation between heart disease and low testosterone levels. A team from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons found a clear connection between men with low levels of testosterone having significantly clogged arteries as opposed to men who had high levels in their bodies. This information was shared by the National Institute of Health. There are many more very convincing research studies of testosterone being protective of the heart. What does this show us? With an increase in testosterone to balance levels for those with legitimate hormonal deficiencies, heart attacks and strokes can be prevented, hence, elongating the lifespan of many who would have otherwise had their lives taken by coronary heart failure. Another study conducted by a group of epidemiologists on human growth hormone for longevity came out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It was a significantly large study also published in the National Institute of Health. The group followed 2,512 men who developed heart disease. These men were also discovered to have very low levels of testosterone within their systems. The literature is quite clear that by reducing or eliminating the risk factors of heart disease by increasing levels of human growth hormones, people’s lifespans become longer.

Human Growth Hormone for Longevity

Highly reputable sources share that HGH therapy reverses the signs of aging. Tens of thousands of people around the country and the world are experiencing remarkable life enhancing benefits due to human growth hormone for longevity. People with age related GH deficiencies often endure these following symptoms:

  • Marked body fat, mostly around their belly, hips and thighs becomes noticeable
  • Bones become frail
  • Lethargy sets in
  • Sleeping becomes disturbed
  • The body becomes frail and weak
  • Difficulty in concentrating, focusing, and remembering becomes an issue
  • Loss of zest for life
  • Thinning hair
  • Sexual interest diminishes
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • The immune system weakens
  • Skin elasticity is not as strong setting in wrinkles and unhealthy looking skin
  • Cholesterol levels increase

In the book, Ten Weeks to a Younger You, real evidence from laboratory and well controlled clinical double blind studies are cited. Within the pages is a sampling of expert driven evidence from over 20,000 published studies from highly reputable medical journals. They include reports and abstracts that all fully support the significance and usefulness of doctor prescribed human growth hormone. Of course, no person or professional has the ability or technology to set the clock back and bring humans again to their 20’s once they have passed. However, medical science continues to prove that HGH and testosterone therapy do have the ability to help people stay stronger and healthier in order to reach a higher chronological age, while feeling great.

HGH Injections by Doctor Prescription

Diabetes, heart issues, stroke, osteoporosis, sleep apnea – these are all diseases that can be caused by a depletion in the important human growth hormones that keep the body strong and healthy. HGH injections by doctor prescription can have a great influence on the elimination of these life threatening conditions when a deficiency is confirmed with the correct blood testing and physical exam. Licensed doctors need to prescribe the correct medications and amounts to patients and medically supervise their experiences in order to stay lawful and safe – and that is the goal for any reputable hormone replacement therapy clinic in Houston Texas. One can find number of resources online that share how they believe hormones can be replaced in the body; however, be careful because not all of the ways are effective or even safe. Different websites will attempt to sell their medications in the forms of sprays or pills, creams or pellets by preying on people that are either afraid of needles or who think that they cannot afford injections. This is a travesty because many people fall into the trap and are scammed out of their money, time and sometimes their health. Why? There is no other way than through direct injection straight to the bloodstream that will give the results that a client needs. This brings up the question of how to get authentic HGH treatment? How does one know when a clinic is being trustworthy, upfront and honest? There are specific ways to find out if an online clinic can help a person with a bona fide growth hormone deficiency. Here are five of the most important elements that all clinics should have:

  1. Only look for a clinic that works with licensed doctors who are fully trained and skilled in HRT  
  2. A clinic must require blood testing, a physical examination, along with a full medical history
  3. Medical supervision must take place during the entire therapy protocol
  4. Medications must be top quality and prescribed in injection form (Occasionally women will use creams for testosterone replacement since their need is substantially lower than it is for men)
  5. Clinical advisors should be available for clients for questions and concerns that come up during therapy

Of course medications and dosages will be different for each person receiving treatment. It will all depend upon symptoms, age, body size, body chemistry and more. The health care professionals at the clinic a patient chooses should fully educate each client as to the HRT process, what they should expect and how the process works.

How to get Authentic HGH Treatment

Patients who are looking for legal and safe hormone replacement therapy are advised to only seek out clinics that are very reputable and well known. This is how to get authentic HGH treatment in any city in the United States. Fortunately, several laws have been put into place regarding hormone replacement therapy to help protect both patients and doctors. Medical testing must precede the writing of any prescriptions for human growth hormone or testosterone medications. This will consist of a blood test, a physical examination and a comprehensive medical history form. Clinics such as Kingsberg Medical follow the rules and regulations of the law to their fullest to make sure that every client is well cared for, safe, and will receive the most positive benefits with no negative side effects. If doctors who analyze test results agree that a person has a hormonal deficiency, this is when they may prescribe the necessary medications from one of the many reputable manufacturers. Provided that clinics follow the law and never write prescriptions for those under 30, professional athletes or those who do not have a legitimate hormone deficiency, clinics and physicians will remain in good standing and can be trusted. HGH injections by doctor prescription can truly reverse the symptoms that are associated with the aging process and that can leave a person overwhelmed. Lethargy, depression, waning appearance, weight gain, irritability, moodiness, loss of sexual appetite, erectile dysfunction, a weak immune system and many other symptoms can rob a person of their quality of life. As long as clients are aware of fraudulent companies that offer HGH and testosterone for sale without the proper testing or a legal doctor’s prescription, they can have a very safe and beneficial experience.

Doctor Prescribed Human Growth Hormone

When patients follow the exact recommendations of their doctor prescribed human growth hormone protocol, amazing results can ensue. There is no one single recipe for success with hormone replacement therapy, as all clients receive tailor made programs that are specifically made for their unique needs. For the best benefits possible, it is important to understand that keeping up with positive lifestyle habits along with the correct medications by injection is imperative. This means that a client should be conscious of the foods that they eat, the amount of sleep that they allow their bodies to get each night (at least eight hours is optimal), exercising on a daily basis, keeping stress levels to a minimum by learning techniques such as time management or yoga and meditation for instance and never partaking in cigarette smoking. In order to get the most out of longevity therapy in Houston TX, this is the researched and proven successful (for most) path to take. The results of therapy will obviously vary from person to person, but studies have definitely shown some very general positive advantages that go along with safe and legal doctor prescribed HGH injections. Usually, for the most part, patients will begin to feel a boost in their energy levels, their virility and their overall quality of life.