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Low Testosterone Doctors In Houston TX

Low Testosterone Doctors In Houston TX

Midlife does not have to be so painful as some people allow it to be when their hormone levels drop. Low testosterone doctors in Houston TX are right here to help those with low T to claim back the quality of life that they lost, but so richly deserve. In the past, most men did not talk too much about their health issues or about not feeling well. They especially kept hush-hush about major life transitions such as what occurs when their testosterone levels drop sometime after the age of 30. However, in the last couple of decades, testosterone therapy has become so popular that it is hard to escape. The advertisements all over the television, radio and billboards promoting low T therapy can get somewhat overwhelming. There is so much on the market that is available to men now that can help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of this change in life; however, not all of it is legal, safe or effective. That is when one has to do research and their due diligence to find local HGH testosterone doctors who are fully trained and licensed and who work out of reputable and trustworthy clinics. The most highly respected physicians will only recommend using injectable testosterone versus forms that come in creams, gels, pellets or patches. The former will immediately reach the bloodstream upon self administration. The latter are less likely to be effective due to lack of absorption. Women who are dealing with low T will often use creams due to the fact that they need much less medication than will men. However, since men’s levels are much higher, injections are easy to administer and a better way to ensure that the proper prescribed dosage is being delivered into the system for maximum and safe benefits.

Doctors who treat low Testosterone levels in Houston TX

The three most important elements for a healthy, safe, effective and legal low T program protocol that doctors who treat low testosterone levels in Houston TX will require before prescribing medications are:

  • The proper blood work to be taken with a qualified local physician
  • A full face to face physical examination
  • A comprehensive medical history to be taken

After these tests are completed, the results will be sent to the clinic’s doctors for analysis and review. The licensed doctor can determine whether or not a person is dealing with low T, diagnose the condition and prescribe the correct medications and dosages for each individual. Along with that, the doctor will tailor make a hormone replacement therapy program for the unique needs of every different person who seeks out treatment. Additionally important, one’s HRT program will be fully medically supervised to ensure that a client remains in a safe situation and is getting the maximum possible benefits from treatment. Low testosterone doctors in Houston TX who work with a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical will always follow the rules and regulations dictated by the law to their fullest. Reputable physicians will only work with those who have a verified hormone deficiency as determined by the proper blood testing and physical examination. Symptoms must be relative to the depletion of testosterone due to the natural aging process.

Blood test for low Testosterone in Houston TX

The only way to concretely confirm that a person is dealing with symptoms due to low T is to have them participate in a blood test for low testosterone Houston TX. This testing will investigate IGF-1 levels within the body to see if hormone levels are decreased. The test will be taken along with a face to face physical exam by a skilled physician who will send the results directly to the clinic requesting them. The rest of therapy will be done directly from the person’s home, where they can seek comfort and convenience. The HRT’s clinic will have highly knowledgeable, kind and compassionate advisors who will be available during normal business hours for questions or concerns related to all aspects of treatment. Blood testing is just as simple as a normal routine doctor’s visit protocol. It is also required before a doctor can diagnose and prescribe any kinds of testosterone medications legally. Physicians often warn clients to look out for any practitioners or clinics that will dole out medications without testing. This is not only extremely unsafe and dangerous, but illegal as well. The only doctors who treat low testosterone levels in Houston TX that can be trusted are ones who follow the correct steps before selling medications to those who share that they are dealing with ill symptoms. If a person is only looking to increase muscle mass, heighten their sexual libido and ability to perform or to lose weight, but they do not have a deficiency of testosterone, prescribing this medication can be dangerous and have negative side effects. The aforementioned desires that men often have (and women do, too) will become decreased or eliminated as testosterone depletes in the body due to aging. However, as mentioned earlier, this can only be detected by full blood work and no reputable doctor will ever prescribed medications to someone who is not dealing with bona fide low T. If they are; however, treatment can restore the missing hormones and bring a person to a wonderful place where they feel strong and healthy in physical, emotional, mental and sexual ways.

What is a healthy Testosterone Level

Why are hormone levels so important for one’s health? What is a healthy testosterone level? Hormones are what control most of the human body as they are transported through the bloodstream to the body’s cells, tissues and glands and other parts of the body. They will influence organ functioning and other physiological and behavioral actions of the system. Imbalanced hormonal levels will cause issues and the amounts of testosterone free and total can make all the difference. In both genders, most of the testosterone hormones are bound to a protein which doctors call the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Issues can occur when the body has too much free (not bound) testosterone floating throughout the body. There are blood tests to determine testosterone (free and total) hormone levels, and they consist of a simple blood test for low testosterone in Houston TX taken by a qualified professional. The test will measure both the free and total testosterone in the system. The results will be analyzed by an accredited medical practitioner from the prescribing clinic. Both men and women have testosterone; only women have much less of the hormone than do men. Men also have estrogen in their systems, which can increase as they grow older. The result of this increase is a decrease in testosterone. One should be tested if they are dealing with: 

  • Low sex drive or erectile dysfunction
  • Depression, irritability or moodiness
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Decreased mental cognition
  • A weakened immune system
  • Thinning hair and nails that will not grow
  • Weak skin elasticity causing wrinkles and unattractive looking skin
  • Loss of bone density
  • A great dip in energy, vigor and vitality
  • A poor attitude towards life and the future

The blood testing is quick and simple, but important to find out if one is dealing with low T levels. This is the only way to get legal medications to help alleviate the negative symptoms listed above. Low testosterone levels due to aging can be reversed and bring person into a place where they are living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Local HGH Testosterone Doctors

There is no debating the law regarding testosterone therapy and HGH therapy when it is for sale online. Online clinics in conjunction with local HGH testosterone doctors can work hand in hand together to help clients identify and treat low human growth hormones. All clients over 30 who are not professional athletes can partake in low T treatment as long as they complete a blood test, a physical examination and a medical history form. This will help doctors to determine whether or not a person has a true deficiency in their hormonal levels that are causing ill symptoms. If it is confirmed through the results of this information that a hormone deficiency is present, physicians may then legally prescribe the correct medications at the most accurate dosages for patients. Provided that the proper required testing is met and a person is a verified to have a legitimate medical need for testosterone medications, a licensed physician can prescribe medications following all the regulations of the law. For great convenience, clients are able to work with affiliated local testosterone doctors for an in person exam and blood work to test for testosterone free and total. The doctors at reputable clinics such as Kingsberg Medical will determine: what is a healthy testosterone level for a person taking into consideration their age, gender, body weight, body chemistry, symptoms and more. A smart consumer will always be aware that many companies that are found online will offer HGH and testosterone medications without a doctor’s prescription. This may seem like a simple and easy way to eliminate the multiple symptoms associated with low hormonal levels due to aging; however, it is illegal and can be very dangerous. Stay safe and only work with clinics and doctors who are licensed, require the proper testing and medically supervise their patients throughout the entire hormone replacement therapy process.