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How to Increase Testosterone Levels


Gambling with their health is probably not what most men have in mind when they want to learn all about how to increase testosterone levels. What they usually mean is that they are interested in knowing the details of how medically indicated testosterone replacement therapy can give them back the endurance, muscle, mental drive, and confidence in their virility that they possessed when they were in their prime. It has been stated by researchers at the University of Utah that men who are watching their favorite sports teams compete experience a similar and simultaneous surge in testosterone as the players themselves. Rather than watching football, increasing their egg consumption or eating more seeds – all of which have been suggested as solutions for how to raise low testosterone levels in men – most men are understandably curious about what’s new in the realm of prescription programs that address symptomatic male hormone deficiency. Because by now, most people have arrived at the realization that medically controlled bio-identical hormone replacement programs are here to stay.

How to Increase Testosterone in Men

Despite the reality that suffering from clinically Low T levels is no laughing matter, a notable number of the so-called tips and suggestions that claim to share how to increase testosterone in men can sound almost ludicrous. Yet undeniably, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits are ways of encouraging or stimulating the body to increase its testosterone production. However, advice that suggests consuming inordinate amounts of cabbage or trying to fit a weight training routine into an already overbooked schedule is not going to be realistic or particularly desirable for many of the individuals who are seeking out the best way to increase testosterone levels. If a clinically significant testosterone deficit already exists in an individual, they are often already feeling somewhat overwhelmed and stressed out by coping with their disruptive and draining symptoms.

How to Increase Testosterone in Women

Having balanced testosterone levels is increasingly more important to women as they get older. Yet if a woman expresses her interest in getting more information about how to increase testosterone in women, she can expect to receive suggestions that are similar in nature to those that are offered to men. Adding more protein to her diet, taking a daily ginseng supplement of 250 to 500 milligrams and increasing the intake of healthy fats have been widely circulated as tips that can help to sustain sufficient testosterone levels in women. Several of the suggestions apply equally to females and males, such as limiting alcohol intake and having sex at least once a week. However, there is not any of this legitimate advice that can lead to receiving the same benefits of increase testosterone in women that is provided by using a doctor supervised therapeutic replenishment program. Although it will always be a good idea to incorporate healthier lifestyle habits into daily life, in the presence of a clinical hormone deficiency it is probably a better idea to explore the medical treatment options.

Best way to Increase Testosterone

Whoever it was that decided life begins at forty failed to mention the inconvenient truth that testosterone loss begins at thirty. Beyond that age, it becomes increasingly useful to understand the best way to increase testosterone levels because they will continue to decline throughout the rest of a man’s lifetime. While there is generally no harm in experimenting with holistic or natural methods of stimulating the body’s ability to produce testosterone and other hormones, they will typically prove to be incapable of making any type of a significant or lasting difference. A better choice for people who need substantially more help than these methods can provide is to utilize a clinical approach for a clinical condition. Many years and countless hours have produced the highly evolved bioengineered therapeutic choices that physicians can prescribe for their patients. They can alleviate the suffering of hormone deficient individuals with the best way to increase testosterone and growth hormone and allow them to reclaim a health-inspired and more rewarding lifestyle, which is the same goal shared by natural and holistic remedies. However, the outstanding results that are successfully produced by clinical treatment are in an entirely separate category all their own.

How to Raise Low Testosterone Levels in Men

Doctors rely on blood tests and physical exams in determining whether an individual has male hypogonadism or, as it is most frequently called, Low T. The criteria that are used by most HRT doctors for how to raise low testosterone levels in men consist of analyzing the patient’s present condition and age, past medical events, and the extent of decline as indicated by performing serum testosterone panels. Treatment will typically include using one of the available forms of pharmaceutical testosterone along with nutritional guidelines and any special instructions for enhancing the success of therapy. In the last ten years alone, the use of testosterone replacement by both men of middle age and senior men has experienced a phenomenal expansion due to the greatly increased demand for the benefits of increase testosterone in men. Getting adequate rest, nutrition, exercise and sexual activity have never been known to cause harm to anyone, but they might not be enough to correct a man’s clinical testosterone deficiency.

Does Testosterone Increase Libido in Men?

Ask just about anyone does testosterone increase libido in men, and they would probably answer, “Of course, it does!” Yet, ask that same person whether testosterone, the hormone that is renowned for its role in virility, can enhance metabolism … heighten immunity … provide protection against heart and bone disease … and extend longevity, and what would their answer be? While testosterone is not the exclusive factor in determining a man’s sexual performance and desire, its depletion can substantially reduce the ability to enjoy sexual relations. As for understanding how does testosterone increase libido in men, it does that by sustaining the levels that are normal for a particular individual. In the event that testosterone levels become depleted enough through age, attrition, or a medical issue, virtually all men will experience some degree of decline in their normal sex drive.

Does Testosterone Increase Libido in Women?

Women as well as men face many common challenges to maintaining a satisfying sex life and research indicates that 40% of women experience a decline in libido. However, many of them have probably been wondering how does testosterone increase libido in women? A female’s ovaries are the source of 50% of her body’s testosterone supply and when they become less active over time, it decreases the production of the hormone that is needed for maintaining a healthy libido. Although estrogen levels also decrease as a woman ages, it is the reduction of her testosterone levels that is primarily responsible for a reduced sex drive. So while an entire grocery list of foods have been recommended for women to boost their declining T levels, including nutmeg, ginger, walnuts, peanut butter, and dark chocolate, the real recipe for how to increase testosterone in women starts with seeing a medical professional who can provide testing and therapy for testosterone deficiency. There are trained to provide women who have a clinical testosterone deficit with more effective ways to spice up their love life than adding calories.

Best Way to Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone

Released from cells within the brain’s pituitary gland, growth hormone works hand in hand with testosterone hormone to maximize a person’s mental, physical and emotional potential. Given its biological importance, what do hormone specialists consider to be the best way to increase testosterone and growth hormone levels that have become dangerously depleted? It has been scientifically shown that medical supplementation using bioengineered hormones consistently produces results that are far and away superior to any other method for restoring sub-normal levels of testosterone and growth hormone in adult patients. The science supporting the use of injectable hormone replacement covers both HGH and testosterone therapy, and today many patients are taking advantage of the vastly improved protocols for how to increase testosterone levels and growth hormone levels. Because they are responsible for such a broad range of the body’s physiological function, the preservation of these critical hormones is extremely significant to experiencing maximum wellness.

Benefits of Increase Testosterone in Women

During menopause, a female’s supply of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone all rapidly decline and present her body with a three-part challenge to hormonal balance. However, it is receiving the benefits of increase testosterone in women that can make the biggest impact on reviving her interest in sex. While women report that the addition of testosterone delivers memory improvement, a boost in energy levels, and even increased self-assertiveness, the benefit that most patients keep coming back to is the noteworthy return of their sexuality. Yet most adults question why does testosterone increase libido in women? After all, it is the hormone that puts hair on a man’s chest and a swagger in his step. Ultimately, the answer is found deep within the complexity of human endocrinology, where medical scientists and biochemical engineers continue to systematically solving the wondrous biological mysteries to be found there.

Benefits of Increase Testosterone in Men

The idea of gambling with one’s health is never a good one, but men are often willing to gamble on developing Low T symptoms? Minimizing a man’s health risks while maximizing his health potential is what the benefits of increase testosterone in men are supposed to do. Using prescription testosterone injections under a doctor’s supervision is not supposed to allow a man to gamble with his health by delivering an excessive and ill-advised testosterone boost. Physicians and endocrine specialists develop low-risk replenishment programs designed to illustrate how to increase testosterone in men while minimizing the risk for complications or side effects to arise. There will always be individuals who are more attracted to risk than others, but one risk that no man can afford to take is the potentially dangerous loss of his core male hormone supplies.