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Lose Weight with HGH Therapy, Testosterone Therapy in McAllen TX

HGH in Mcallen

Nowhere else in the country are residents fighting the battle of the bulge as much as they are right here in McAllen Texas. When you look in the mirror, you know this statement to be true. McAllen was named the fattest metropolitan area in the country in 2012, with 38.5% of the adult population considered obese. That number is staggering. If you have failed at dieting in the past, HGH therapy, testosterone therapy in McAllen TX can turn your results around. For many adults, weight gain comes easy, and weight loss never comes at all. Chances are that you have tried numerous diets, fat burning programs, exercise regimens, and yet nothing has worked. That is probably because your body is working against you. It turns out that all those rumors you heard about hormones playing a role in slow metabolism and weight gain are true. When hormone production slows down, the body’s ability to burn fat efficiently slows down, as well. You are fighting a losing battle every time you step on the treadmill. Sure, exercise has been proven to increase the body’s natural ability to produce growth hormone. Diet and sleep play a role in the process, as well. How realistic is it that you are going to stick to a strenuous workout plan, eat healthy every day for months on end, and ensure that you get eight hours of sleep each night? Not very realistic, is it? What if we told you that human growth hormone therapy in McAllen TX could help you lose that excess weight without dieting or exercise? No, we are not losing our minds, just helping people just like you lose pounds of belly fat each year while increasing lean muscle mass at the same time. Does this sound too good to be true? The truth is that we are telling you the truth right now. Your own hormones have been working against you, piling that weight onto your body pound after pound. We want to help you get back in shape so that you can live a healthy life. Will you see a change in your weight next week? Probably not, this program does take time to work. You will, however, see a change in your energy level next week. As a matter of fact, there are a number of exceptional benefits that you will receive. In the next section, we will examine these benefits on a month to month basis.

Discover the Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Treatment in McAllen TX

In our modern society, we have become accustomed to getting what we want right away. After all, where else but in the US can you find fast food restaurants everywhere you seem to turn? There are many benefits of human growth hormone treatment in McAllen TX that you can expect to achieve. Some will appear right away while others may take a bit longer. Let’s take a look at the month by month benefits you can expect to achieve.

Month 1

  • Increased energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Improved mental attitude and sense of well-being
  • Awaken refreshed, with some memory of vivid dreams

Month 2

  • Further increased energy
  • Loss of belly fat begins
  • Increased positive mood changes
  • Collagen begins to return to skin
  • Hair and nails begin to strengthen
  • Improved digestion processes
  • Better skin tone
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Improved vision, especially night vision
  • Increased strength
  • Enhanced sexual desire and function

Month 3

  • Continued benefits as in Month 1 and 2
  • Increased weight loss
  • Decrease in wrinkles and tighter skin
  • Improved cognitive abilities, focus, clarity, and memory
  • Improved sexual performance and pleasure
  • Increased body flexibility
  • Improved immune functions
  • Reduced recovery time from illness and injury
  • Hair regrowth possible
  • Reduction in PMS symptoms
  • Alleviation of Menopause symptoms
  • Reduced joint and muscular pain

Month 4

  • Increased weight loss
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Continuation of all previous benefits

Month 5

  • Increased muscle tone
  • Beginning of well-defined physique
  • Increased metabolism and weight loss
  • Thicker, healthier looking hair
  • Strong nails
  • Clear, smoother skin
  • Increased elasticity
  • Strong immune system
  • Continued feeling of well-being

Month 6

  • 5 – 10% decrease in body fat, especially in the belly, without diet or exercise
  • 10% increase in lean muscle resulting in a sculpted appearance
  • Return of natural hair color, less grey
  • Internal organ growth
  • Mental clarity and focus significantly improved
  • Strong active sex drive and performance
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Blood pressure stabilizes
  • Heart rate improves
  • Bone density increases
  • Mood and mental state are dramatically improved
  • Eyesight improves

Imagine being able to lose 10% of your body fat without any form of dieting or exercise. Now imagine what will happen if you add a sensible eating program and do something as simple as walking each day. The weight loss will dramatically increase while you utilize the injections provided by our HGH doctors who prescribe HGH in McAllen TX. This does not mean you have to diet or join a gym. Simply stay away from fried and fatty foods, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that you consume, and walk a bit each day. You will be thrilled with the results you achieve. You do not need access to fresh produce, as frozen has been long proven to be just as beneficial, and in many cases higher in vitamins and nutrients than buying it fresh.

HGH Doctors Who Specialize in HGH Therapy in McAllen TX Help You Lose Weight

HRT in McAllen TX

Our HGH doctors who specialize in HGH therapy, in McAllen TX, want to provide you with every opportunity to lose weight and get in shape. They know that weight loss does not always come from dieting and exercise. You have to do more than treat the symptoms of weight gain; you have to target the cause, which if you are over the age of thirty, is more than likely decreased hormone production. When growth hormone and/or testosterone production slow down, your metabolism responds by slowing down, as well. This contributes to your body storing fat for future use as fuel. The stored fat in your belly region is the most dangerous type, putting pressure on your internal organs. If you find yourself becoming out of breath or tired easily, then there has never been a better time for you to take action. Both HGH and testosterone therapy in McAllen TX can assist you with your desire to lose weight and get into shape. The question that you are probably asking right now is how do you know which type of treatment is right for you? That is where speaking with one of our knowledgeable clinical advisors can help. These highly trained professionals have years of experience working in the field of hormone replacement therapy. They work hand in hand with our doctors to ensure that you receive the treatment and benefits you desire. During your initial phone consultation,  you will discuss the various symptoms you have. If you are not sure what they might be, don’t worry, your advisor will be asking you a number of questions about how you feel and look. These questions will help determine the testing you will receive before beginning your HGH, testosterone hormone replacement therapy in McAllen TX. Think about how the next set of questions  might apply to you. Do you have wrinkles, sagging skin, brittle nails, thinning hair, grey hair, or even hair loss? Have you recently gained additional weight, or has your weight gain stabilized? Have you lost muscle tone and strength? Do you sleep well at night? How is your vision, especially your night vision? If you are a woman, are you experiencing PMS or menopause symptoms? If you are a man, do you have difficulty with achieving or maintaining an erection? Have you lose your desire for sexual relations? Are you depressed or stressed? Have you been experiencing mood changes? Do you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure? Are you muscles or joints aching? Do you have cellulite? In regards to your energy levels; do they remain constant throughout the day, or do you lose steam in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Do you feel fatigued or lethargic on a regular basis? How is your immune system? Do you get sick easily and how long does it take you to recuperate from illness and injury? These are all vital questions that your advisor will assist you in answering. You will also be guided to our medical history form which you can find at the top of this page. In addition to filling out this form completely, you will also visit a local clinic for a blood test and physical examination. Based upon your conversation with your clinical advisor, you may receive a growth hormone blood test to check IGF-1 level in McAllen TX along with your physical exam. This test will determine if you have a GH deficiency that requires treatment. You may also possibly receive a testosterone blood test to check levels free and total, which will determine if you have Low T. The results will then be forwarded to our doctor for review with your medical history questionnaire. Once a diagnosis has been determined by our doctor, a prescription will be provided for the course of treatment that your body requires for optimum functioning. By correcting low hormone production, you can expect to achieve a reversal of all the negative side effects of your deficiency.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in McAllen TX

We are often asked what it means to receive bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in McAllen TX. Both HGH human growth hormone and testosterone are bio-identically engineered to replicate the exact hormone you naturally produce in your own body. This then allows your body to accept and utilize these medications right away, without the necessity to synthesize them in any way. You can immediately reap the benefits of having higher hormone levels in your blood. We often receive questions about so called HGH “releasers” that are marketed as pills, sprays, and drops. These products do not contain any real HGH as that is only available by prescription. The properties of these products are destroyed by the digestive process, and never enter the blood stream, rendering them useless. Both human growth hormone injections and testosterone replacement therapy in McAllen TX can aid in weight loss, increased lean muscle mass, increased energy, and lower cholesterol. There are a number of other beneficial effects they each offer, and based upon your test results our doctor will provide the proper treatment for your needs. During your entire course of therapy, you will work closely with your advisor over the phone – no need to take time out of your busy schedule for lengthy and costly office visits. This will ensure that you receive the benefits that you desire. It is imperative to remain under a doctor’s supervision at all times while on any type of hormone replacement therapy, as too high a dose can cause your body to cease production of its own chemical process, and too low a dosage will not benefit you. Everything you need to lose weight, regain energy, improve your health, and restore your youthful looks is included for one low price. We do not charge you any extra for additional supplements or our services the way other clinics do. There is no need to stress over time or money. Your advisor will provide you with the cost for your HGH or testosterone therapy once our doctor has ascertained your precise treatment protocol. You will be offered options based on your prescription, with choices that will make it affordable for you to receive the treatment you need to restore the balance that you desire.

Lose Belly Fat with Low Testosterone Treatment in McAllen TX

Our doctors offer two different hormone replacement options that will aid in the loss of belly fat. The first is HGH injections, and the second is low testosterone treatment in McAllen TX. Many women experience weight gain when they enter menopause. In addition to growth hormone levels naturally decreasing, lower levels of testosterone may be to blame for all the adverse side effects that accompany this significant life change for women. Whereas it was previously thought that changes in estrogen levels were to blame, the latest research points to testosterone as the culprit and cure for hot flashes, weight gain, sexual disinterest, vaginal dryness, mood swings, memory loss, and high cholesterol. Even better yet is the fact that the risks associated with estrogen therapy are not associated with testosterone treatment at all. It is no wonder that so many women across the US are turning to our doctors for help with their symptoms of menopause. While women find it easy to turn to doctors for help and guidance, men sometimes hold out until the situation is drastic. Men who contact us know that when you ask our local doctor who specializes in low testosterone treatment and can prescribe testosterone injections in McAllen TX for help, you will receive the compassionate and professional care you want. We never view you as a number because your situation is unique and personal, and we are here to help you in whatever way we can. Many men turn to us for help with both weight loss and aiding in the area of sexual arousal and desire. Low T can cause a man to experience erectile dysfunction, loss of desire, lack of stamina, and decreased pleasure. This is no way to live. Treatment for this condition is easy to receive, and our advisors provide you with step by step instructions along the way. From easy to administer injections to online video tutorials, there has never been an easier way to lose weight, increase energy, and get into shape.

Can the HGH doctors who can prescribe HGH therapy in McAllen TX help me to lose weight without dieting? I find it hard to believe I can lose this unwanted belly fat like that.

There is no need for strenuous work out programs, expensive gym memberships, or restrictive diets in order to lose weight. When you contact our local HGH doctors for prescription human growth hormone therapy, you will discover the secret to losing weight by bringing balance to your hormones. Combatting your deficiency will result in you achieving the results you desire during your six month course of treatment. Belly fat can and will become a thing of the past. We do want you to focus on improving how and what you eat. The healthier your meals and snacks; the greater your results will be. Your advisor will be happy to guide you along your way.

The older I get, the more excess weight seems to land around my middle. Is it true that the testosterone clinics in McAllen TX can help me get rid of my belly fat? I don’t have the patience for diet or exercise.

There is a reason why many people gain weight as they age. Hormone levels in the body, which help regulate metabolism and the burning of food for fuel, become lower year after year. The lower these levels get the less productive your body is at converting food to fuel. Over time, this translates to increased belly fat and weight gain. By replenishing your supply of these valuable hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone, you will effectively turn the fat burning ability on, allowing your body to utilize that stored fat for fuel. This results in loss of belly fat and loss of weight.

I am trying to find out how to buy HGH injections in McAllen TX. I would also like to know how to use them. Do you provide me with directions and guidance? I heard they could help me lose weight without dieting. Is this true?

Yes, it is true that you can lose weight without diet or exercise when you increase your growth hormone level with HGH injections. Once you have received your blood test and physical examination that will determine if you do have a deficiency, our doctor will prescribe the dosage of HGH that you require. Your advisor will provide you will all the instructions, guidance, and support you need along the way. There are online video tutorials that will show you how to self-administer these tiny injections. Your advisor will also talk you through the first one over the phone if you would like. You will always have access to whatever guidance and support you need.

I have decided that getting older is not as much fun as I thought it would be when I was younger. I guess it is true that youth is wasted on the young. Not only have I gained weight and lost muscle definition, but I am having trouble maintaining an erection for as long as I used to when I was younger. I also can’t go more than once a night. I heard that the testosterone replacement therapy doctors in McAllen TX can help me with all of these issues. Is that true?

There is no reason why getting older can’t be fun. Youth does not have to be wasted on the young. For some people, aging never becomes an issue as their decreasing hormone levels do not affect them in the same way others are affected. However, for many men and women across the country, the opposite is true. Low T can affect males and females, causing weight gain, muscle loss, sexual difficulties, and many other unwanted symptoms. Receiving treatment to increase your body’s level of testosterone will allow you to lose weight, regain lean muscle mass, and increase your ability to maintain an erection, as well as increase duration, performance, and pleasure.

Is it possible to receive Low T treatment in McAllen TX that will reverse erectile dysfunction and weight gain? I read about this in a men’s health and fitness magazine a while back, but I didn’t pay much attention to everything the article said. I am experiencing these issues now, and hope that you can help me.

Once you are diagnosed with Low T, treatment for this condition is as simple as receiving a prescription for testosterone injections. Our doctor will prescribe the right dosage of this medication to counteract the shortage in your body. Within weeks, you will feel increased energy and begin to sleep deeper at night. Both your weight gain and erection issues will naturally reverse, and you will discover the body you once had come roaring back like a lion. Thankfully you paid enough attention to the article to remember that there is help for the symptoms you are experiencing.

When I look in the mirror, I do not like what I see. My once flat stomach is bulging over my pants, and I have wrinkles and sagging skin instead of a smooth face. Even my hair is getting thinner. I heard about human growth hormone injections from a friend in another city, and I am wondering do doctors prescribe HGH in McAllen TX that can help reverse these signs of aging?

There is a way to reverse the signs of aging that you are experiencing. Our doctors prescribe HGH injections to local residents who are diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Wrinkles and sagging skin are due to a decrease in collagen production, which is due to a decrease in GH production from the pituitary gland. Once you begin treatment, your skin will begin to tighten up, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. You will lose that unsightly belly fat without dieting or exercise. Your hair will begin to grow in thicker, as well. Our doctors are available to help people in every city nationwide.

Are there local testosterone clinics and doctors in McAllen TX that I can turn to for help to combat some of the signs of aging that I am beginning to notice in my life? I am talking about disinterest in sex, weight gain, muscle loss and weakness, and hair loss.

The symptoms you mentioned may all be signs that your body has decreased production of testosterone or growth hormone. Our doctor will order a blood test to check your IGF-1 and free and total testosterone levels before making a proper diagnosis. Once the source of your deficiency is determined, a treatment plan can be prescribed that will reverse the symptoms you have mentioned. Your clinical advisor will discuss the findings with you, and help you choose the brand and form of testosterone or growth hormone injections that is right for your needs.

I am getting married next year and would like to lose weight and tone my body. The only problem is I hate exercising and dieting. I would also like to do something about my wrinkles. I have heard that the local HGH doctors in McAllen TX could help me. What would that mean?

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. That is certainly one of the most momentous days of your life, and it is natural that you would want to look your best for this occasion. Our HGH doctors will diagnose if you have a growth hormone deficiency, and if so, prescribe the appropriate treatment plan that will enable you to lose weight, increase lean muscle mass, tone your physique, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles all at the same time. You will be prescribed daily injections for a period of up to 6 months. During that time you will be monitored by our staff, to ensure that you are receiving the benefits you desire.

What does male hormone replacement therapy in McAllen TX mean? I have heard that there are different hormones that could be the cause of my weight gain and muscle weakness. Is this true?

It is true that both growth hormone and testosterone deficiencies could be the cause of weight gain and muscle weakness. There are a number of other symptoms that you may be experiencing that go along with these that you are not even aware are intertwined. Male hormone replacement therapy, quite simply put, means replenishing levels of particular chemicals in the body that are experiencing low levels of production. Our doctors will determine, through blood testing and a physical exam that you will have at a clinic near you, exactly what deficiency or deficiencies you have and the appropriate treatment will then be prescribed.

Can you tell me where to find local HGH clinics in McAllen TX? I have tried every type of diet, face cream, vitamin supplement, and exercise program on the market. I am still overweight, wrinkly, tired, and have no muscles. What is wrong with me? I read about human growth hormone injections online, and they may be my only hope at this point.

You have described many of the symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency, which would make receiving treatment beneficial for you. Everything you have tried is like putting a band aid on a wound that requires stitching. It does no good. You have to treat the source, not the symptoms. When you correct your hormonal imbalance with HGH injections, you effectively provide your body with everything it needs to function at maximum capability. You will lose weight, tighten your skin, increase your lean muscle mass, and improve your energy levels. Do not give up hope; we can help.

No matter where you live, our doctors and trained hormone replacement specialists have the answers that you need. One phone call may very well change your life. Contact us today.