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Testosterone Therapy In Houston TX

Testosterone Therapy In Houston TX

Millions of men all over the USA over the age of 30 are experiencing an early health crisis call low T. Testosterone therapy in Houston TX can be the answer that changes a person’s life in all encompassing ways. Growing older is a definite inevitability and depleting testosterone levels go hand in hand with the aging process. The way one ages and loses vital growth hormones naturally has to do with biology and lifestyle habits. For those who have not been involved in accidents or have had medical issues other than the natural progression of aging, hormone replacement therapy can help them with concerns for their future as far as their physical, emotional, mental and sexual health is concerned. For men, the lowering of their levels of GH and testosterone tend to gradually occur as negative symptoms take their time to surface. Sources have been calling HRT one of the greatest and most powerful medical advances of the country’s modern times. This kind of treatment should only be conducted under the most careful of conditions including close medical supervision by a licensed practitioner. A blood test for low testosterone in Houston TX will inform a specialized physician as to the levels of testosterone within the body and whether or not they are depleted. This kind of blood analysis will give the doctor all the information he or she needs to diagnose the condition of low T and prescribe the correct medications and dosages to help raise levels and get a person back on track towards a happy and healthy life.

Doctors Who Prescribe Testosterone Cypionate in Houston TX

The main function of testosterone is that it has a great control over sexual libido for both men and women – but it does a lot more than that too. Doctors who prescribe testosterone cypionate in Houston TX understand that this medication is a very well known brand of hormone used to release a steady level of the hormone into the body to replace what is missing due to depletion over time and with age. According to medical doctors, it is a long lasting form that releases slowly in the body peaking within one to two days, but being released over approximately 12 days. It is considered to be a safer form of hormone as it does not shock the body with a quick jolt, but takes its time to allow the system to acclimate to its presence. One dose of the medication will usually taper out of the body in just about 21 days. This particular medication is used to promote muscle growth, the increase of energy levels and the enhancement of sexual libido and desire. It helps to strengthen the body’s immunity from sickness and infection, and helps to heal it more quickly from injury. The reduction of excess fat is prevalent as is the prevention of bone loss and muscle repair. Doctors that treat low testosterone levels in men over 30 will choose this medication for helping to improve all of the above, including cardiovascular issues and helping to avoid osteoporosis. Dosages of the testosterone cypionate will vary depending upon the individual needs of each patient. The doctor who is responsible for the client will determine exactly what he needs in order to reach the most positive results and benefits. Dosages are usually given so that the medication remains relatively constant in the bloodstream. In order to avoid side effects that can be dangerous, a man must work closely with his doctor and follow the program protocol exactly as prescribed.

Doctors That Treat Low Testosterone Levels in Houston TX

Researchers across the country are constantly trying to make connections between low T levels and overall health conditions. Doctors that treat low testosterone levels in Houston TX are discovering how low does injections can truly transform a person’s life when they are dealing with lethargy, low sex drive, being overweight, having high blood pressure, losing muscle mass, losing bone density, having weaker mental acuity, dealing with a weak immune system and more. When people deal with these conditions, it can tend to lead to more serious issues such as heart failure, stroke and diabetes. Increasing the levels of testosterone with in the body may help to alleviate the symptoms and lessen a client’s risk for developing the aforementioned serious diseases. Many medical journals have published articles relating to the general link between low T and serious medical conditions. One study in particular demonstrated that having low testosterone levels was 2.4 times higher for very overweight men, 2.1 times higher for men with diabetes and 1.8 times higher for men with high blood pressure. It is uncertain as to which condition came first, but the general idea was that there is a definite tight connection. This kind of research will remain ongoing. Local testosterone therapy clinics understand that there also exists a definite connection between low T and depression, erectile dysfunction (ED) and high blood pressure. One study revealed that just about 4,000 men who had many of the same symptoms and were tested to have low T levels were over twice as likely to suffer from depression. They shared one of the most common symptoms of the condition by having problems with erections and ED. Lastly, those with high blood pressure were just about twice as likely to have low T, as opposed to men who had normal blood pressure. Dosages are very important concerning this growth hormone because too much can actually cause hypertension. It is very important to always stick to doctor’s orders as written on the prescription.

Blood Test For Low Testosterone in Houston TX

It is quite obvious by now that as people age, their growth hormones, including testosterone, decline in production, leaving those over 30 with some troublesome symptoms. A simple blood test for low testosterone Houston TX can give a doctor all the information he or she needs to know to treat the conditions that are linked to a dip in these hormones. When testosterone levels decrease and symptoms become apparent, many men feel as though they are getting old and this can greatly affect self esteem. Both men and women can lose their testosterone, which is a vital hormone for both sexes. Women have much less testosterone to begin with than do men; however, keeping steady balanced levels are extremely fundamental for good overall health. Some of the symptoms that may develop from low T are:

  • Loss of energy, stamina and vitality
  • Very apparent meaning of belly fat
  • Loss of muscle mass in arms, legs and abdomen
  • Troubles in the bedroom such as erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm and loss of libido
  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability
  • Slowed mental cognition
  • A weakened immune system leading to the development of the common cold and flu more often
  • Resistance to healing from injury or wounds
  • Lowered bone density

This is just the tip of the iceberg for low testosterone symptomatology. Never underestimate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle including eating well, sleeping plenty, exercising daily, keeping stress at an all time low, drinking alcoholic beverages moderately and never smoking. Taking care of your body naturally along with testosterone therapy can greatly improve one’s chances of reaching incredible success with hormone replacement therapy. They can then find themselves with a terrific level of energy and zest for life every day. Their relationships will flourish in and out of the bedroom and life can take an overall turn for the best.

Local Testosterone Therapy Clinics in Houston TX

There is a way to intelligently fight back against aging symptoms caused by the depletion of the all important hormone of testosterone. Local testosterone therapy clinics in Houston TX know exactly how to do just that. It is no secret that in the last few decades low T has been quite the epidemic among men over the age of 30 years old. Many billboards are placed in very high profile real estate areas to advertise help for those dealing mostly with low sexual desire and a decrease in muscle mass. That is fine; however, there are many more symptoms that go along with the deletion in this hormone as the signs of aging creep into a person’s life. Thankfully, science is continuously researching how low T affects health in general and the longevity of a person’s life. Many reliable sources have shared that studies and clinical research have shown an undeniable relationship between low testosterone levels and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, metabolic disease, prostate cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and osteoporosis. Testosterone levels are said to start declining around the age of 30 by 1 to 2 percent per year. The change in body and cognition is slow and gradual, so symptoms are often mistaken for something else. This is why it is so important to become educated on hormone replacement therapy and the possibility that the symptoms a person is experiencing could be due to low testosterone levels. This is the only way to get the proper treatment to alleviate issues and live a happy and full life.