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Anti Aging Doctors In Houston TX

Anti Aging Doctors In Houston TX

Firstly, let it be known that there is no true Fountain of Youth and that it is simply impossible to stop the clock against aging. Honest anti aging doctors in Houston TX will share with clients that even though aging cannot be stopped and time will consistently move forward, the symptoms that go along with each birthday that passes can be eliminated with what is called hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Now people who once thought that they never could feel youthful or look healthy and vibrant again are finding new meaning to life well into their later years. Thanks to the wonders of the highly researched and tested process of HRT, both men and women area rediscovered their energy and zest for life. They understand more and more that they no longer have to deal with low sexual drive, depression, weight gain, bone loss, loss of memory and other ailments that can greatly impede upon their quality of life.  Their outlook on living can completely turn around when the benefits of a testosterone replacement therapy program with the best doctors who prescribe HGH injections are experienced. The advantages of this kind of treatment have been verified for decades by very prominent research studies by renowned physicians that have published their work in some of the most highly respected medical journals. One source in particular shared that experts have said when HRT is used correctly, that it will not only slow aging ailments, but will rid of them 95 percent of the time. The best clinics have a fully trained and licensed network of practitioners with whom they work in all 50 states. This is how clients are able to work safely and effectively from their homes, while still participating in their necessary required face to face physical examination where they will also get blood sampling completed. A medical history form will be done with the correct form that the clinic should provide on their website. A simple process can change lives in the best possible ways.

Doctors who Prescribe HGH Injections

One of the keys to being successful on a hormone replacement therapy program is to work with the best doctors who prescribe HGH injections. The doctors who work with Kingsberg Medical are all licensed professionals who not only verify blood work for growth hormone deficiencies, diagnose and prescribe medications, but they also educate clients on living healthy in an effort to completely change a person’s lifestyle. It is all included in the HRT protocol and has proven to produce remarkable results. When following the exact doctor prescribed prescription to the letter, 95 percent of clients will be thrilled with the benefits. The best doctors will tailor make a therapy program that offers not only injections, but a whole new way of living life that includes much healthier lifestyle habits. Clients are often asked to follow a healthy balanced diet, get at least eight hours of sleep per night and exercise daily. They need to follow the doctor’s prescription religiously and not falter if they want to truly get the most out of their hormone replacement therapy program. As symptoms due to hormonal depletion become minimal, quality of life becomes grand and highly enjoyable. Local HGH clinics in Houston Texas only use the best doctors available to have years of experience and are always keeping up with the latest research and studies on HRT. They understand and educate clients that HGH injections are not cures for diseases outside of the realm of what can be caused due to the natural aging process. They explain that therapy can give the body a boost in the all important hormones (by balancing them) that are necessary for energy, high metabolism, healthy sexual drive, strong bones and memory and having a great outlook on life. Having a healthier body can ward off certain diseases such as coronary heart issues, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis. Patients who work with highly reputable HGH doctors in respectable clinics should be well aware that therapy is well researched and sanctioned to be safe and effective. Thanks the governmental laws that are put forth for these controlled substances, doctors that follow the regulations properly will have very happy clientele who will safely find their way towards good health and happiness.

Does HGH Work for Anti Aging?

What is human growth hormone and does HGH work for anti aging? This is a complicated question that needs explanation before it is answered fully. Read on. Growth hormone is a very important chemical compound that is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. Once it is released, it prompts the liver to make insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). This is what is tested when looking to see if a person is dealing with low hormonal levels. Legitimate doctors will only write prescriptions for adults over 30 who are experiencing a true medical deficiency of their growth hormones that may result in very life altering symptoms and even disease. It would be rather silly to insinuate that anything can stop the clock and turned a person’s age backwards. With growing older, hormones naturally deplete. This will inevitably lead to different symptoms for different people. They can include loss of energy and stamina, weight gain, high cholesterol, loss of sexual libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and lethargy, a decrease in the strength of the immune system, loss of muscles, loss of skin elasticity and bone density decrease. All these elements can lead to coronary heart issues, diabetes and osteoporosis. Yes, HGH injections that are bio-identical to the naturally produced hormone within the system work for protecting the body from the symptoms of aging, which can mean that they are anti (against) aging. It is relatively uncanny how some physicians can still debate whether or not HGH injections work to eliminate the symptoms that low growth hormone within the body can cause. Many very prominent doctors all over the country have been on medical teams that conducted very telling research proving that subjects within their studies had positive mind and body changes due to hormone replacement therapy. As long as physicians follow the laws governing HGH medications to the letter, the process is very safe and legal. When looking for local HGH clinics in Houston Texas, one of the deciding factors of whether or not to become a patient of that center is to make sure that they:

  1. Work only with fully licensed physicians
  2. Require complete blood testing, a physical examination and a medical history form to be filled out through a security connection
  3. Provide medical supervision throughout the entire HRT process
  4. Have clinical advisors who are available for questions and to help with daily injections as needed

Clinics should be completely transparent and never leave a patient confused or wondering about the process of hormone replacement therapy or what is happening with their bodies as they are partaking in the protocol.

How To Get Tested For Growth Hormone Deficiency

A simple but comprehensive blood sampling during a face to face physical examination with a local doctor and laboratory is how to get tested for growth hormone deficiency. By testing that IGF-1 level to see if it is low, doctors are able to detect a decrease in this vital hormone and give a correct diagnosis. With medical journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association stating that billions of dollars are put into purchasing HGH medications every year, it is highly imperative to find a doctor who is reputable and honest. Too many people fall into scams with unlicensed clinics who try to sell what they claim to be real HGH products that can change lives, when in fact they are fraudulent so-called medications that do not work. Get it right the first time and work with only a clinic that comes with testimonials, reviews and a great successful track record – like a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical. Anti aging doctors in Houston TX are available to do the correct testing on patients over 30 who are attempting to live their lives with rather unmanageable symptoms due to aging. It is way too common that patients get misdiagnosed by their general care practitioners as having other reasons for their ailments. Understanding and learning about the process of hormone replacement therapy, the symptoms that may indicate a person is dealing with low growth hormones and how to find the best treatment is very important to getting the correct help that is needed. There is no reason in this day and time to not be able to live life to its fullest well into the golden years. Legitimate clinics will always offer free first consultations over the phone to discuss HRT, what is involved and the simplistic way a person can get tested for a deficiency.