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Why Should You Get HGH Therapy in Lubbock TX

HGH in Lubbock

Why do you need to concern yourself with HGH therapy in Lubbock TX? For starters, if you are experiencing a growth hormone deficiency, there are a number of adverse health issues that could arise that you would need to be prepared for if they were to happen. Part of being prepared means that you have adequate health insurance. Good Morning America reported on August 30, 2013 that a Bloomberg report named Texas as the state with the most uninsured people. The Wall Street Journal reported that Texas had the 11th highest obesity rate in the country. Obesity has been linked to a number of serious medical conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, heart disease, and increased risk of stroke. Decreased growth hormone production contributes to high cholesterol, increases the risk of osteoporosis by lower bone density, and increases the risk of diabetes due to its regulation of IGF-1, Insulin Growth Factor 1, which is secreted by the liver in direct response to the amount of growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. As you can see, this deficiency can increase your risk of needing medical care in the future, and if you are uninsured the costs can be staggering. Our HGH doctors who specialize in HGH therapy, in Lubbock TX, want to help you increase the odds of maintaining good health by determining if you have a growth hormone deficiency that can put you at risk for higher medical costs in the future.

Growth Hormone Blood Test to Check IGF-1 Level in Lubbock TX

It is true that Obamacare is being designed to guarantee that all Americans are covered with health insurance, but whether or not that will happen is still unknown. What can you do right now to increase your chances of maintaining excellent health? You can start by getting a growth hormone blood test to check IGF-1 level in Lubbock TX. This will enable our doctor to detect whether or not you have a growth hormone deficiency that can benefit from treatment with HGH injections. Why do we check your IGF-1 level? When growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, it is released in short bursts throughout the day and night. GH then goes racing through the blood stream to the various receptor cells and points in the body that it is needed. One of these points is the liver, which then responds be releasing corresponding levels of IGF-1 into the bloodstream. Once growth hormone reaches its targets, it is gone from the blood. IGF-1, however, stays constant in the bloodstream throughout the day, making it the better determinant of a growth hormone deficiency. If you have low levels of IGF-1 in your blood, you will have low growth hormone production. Our doctor will use these numbers to determine both your diagnosis and the dosage that your body requires to function properly. HGH doctors who can prescribe HGH therapy in Lubbock TX understand the balance that is needed in the body when it comes to hormone regulation. These chemical messengers that race around through your body interact in many cases with each other stimulating various systems to complete their own tasks. In some cases, such as with GH and IGF-1, one chemical hormone sets off the production of another. Even further, in this particular case, growth hormone and Insulin Growth Factor 1 work together to regulate cell regeneration. You know that new cells are vital to replace the millions that die off in your body every minute of the day. If there are not enough new cells to replace those that are gone, your internal organs will begin to shrink in size. This shrinkage decreases the organs’ abilities to function at maximum productivity. Your body will then begin to feel the corresponding effects of these lower levels of production. Human growth hormone therapy in Lubbock TX can reverse these effects, strengthening your organs, your body, and your mind. The many benefits you can expect to receive will be listed in the next section. Take a close look and see how many of them will improve the quality of your life.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Lubbock TX

In the previous section, we mentioned how the various chemical messengers in the body can affect one another. A deficiency can bring about a number of negative changes that can affect you both internally and externally. Through the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Lubbock TX, our doctors can increase your growth hormone level naturally, in a way that will be immediately accepted by your body. Biologically identical HGH treatments replicate the natural chemical in your body, enabling these injections to be immediately available for use by your receptor cells and organs. This benefits you in many ways as you will see in the list below.

  • Increased energy levels, decreased fatigue and lethargy.
  • Increased lean muscle mass, which protects the bones and joints from harm.
  • Increased bone density, reducing the risk of broken bones and osteoarthritis.
  • Loss of belly fat and excess weight, thanks to an increased metabolism and increased lean muscle mass (which burns calories at a higher rate than fat).
  • Deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Increased collagen to the skin, resulting in a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.
  • Thicker hair, possible hair regrowth, and after about six months of treatment – a return of natural hair color.
  • Brighter outlook, sense of well-being, positive thoughts and mood.
  • Improved memory, clarity, focus, concentration, and mental and cognitive functions.
  • Lower cholesterol – especially LDL levels.
  • Stronger immune system, decreased risk of illness and infection.
  • Reduced recovery time from illness and injury.
  • Improved eyesight, especially night vision.
  • Increased internal organ size and strength.
  • Increased endurance and stamina in all areas.
  • Reduced joint and muscle pain.
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite.
  • Increased sexual desire, arousal, and performance.
  • Healthier heart rate.

As you can see, correcting a growth hormone deficiency by contacting our HGH doctors who prescribe HGH in Lubbock TX can have a positive change in many areas of your life. You will not only look younger, you will feel younger, as well. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you bring about change in your own life.

Learn More about Human Growth Hormone Treatment in Lubbock TX

We receive questions every day about the various types of therapy we offer. Here are a few of the questions we have received recently about human growth hormone treatment in Lubbock TX. You may find answers to your own questions here, as well.

Flo wants to know: I am a woman in my mid-fifties dealing with menopause. Do doctors prescribe HGH in Lubbock TX to women for this reason? I remember reading something about it once, and I thought this was mentioned as a possible treatment. Many of the symptoms I have are symptoms you write about for a growth hormone deficiency. I’m talking about weight gain, cellulite, poor memory, loss of lean muscle, hot flashes, and depression. I saw those symptoms on one of the pages on your website. I also have grey, thinning hair, sagging skin, and wrinkles. Needless to say, I would like to make some changes in my life.

It is understandable that you would be depressed from all these negative side effects that you are going through during menopause, Flo. These changes in a woman’s body happen at a difficult point in life. For many women, their role as a caregiver is changing. Children are growing up and going off to college and starting their own lives. Elderly parents are requiring more attention than in the past. Today’s baby boomers are known as the sandwich generation because of the need to care for children and elderly parents at the same time. This can create a great deal of stress on both men and women. Many women focused on careers first, starting their families later in life. Our local HGH doctors in Lubbock TX understand the needs a woman goes through during this time in her life. We carefully check your hormone levels to understand precisely what changes your body is going through. In some cases, treatment with testosterone cream may also be beneficial for a woman going through menopause. Whether you require doctor prescribed HGH human growth hormone injections, testosterone cream, or a combination of both, you can be sure that you will get the best treatment and service from our professional staff.

Alberto asks: I am looking for someone to provide me with male hormone replacement therapy in Lubbock TX. I am in my late thirties and beginning to show signs of aging that are affecting my job performance. You talk about loss of muscle and focus and that is what I mean. My job is extremely physical and intensely detail oriented. If I make a mistake, it could be serious. I know that I am still very young; that is why this is distressing to me. I am afraid of losing my job is I cannot produce in the way it is required. My other symptoms are joint pain, poor sleep, and difficulty maintaining an erection for as long as I did in the past. I am hoping you can help me get back on track.

We can undoubtedly help you get back on track in all counts mentioned, Alberto. It is natural to begin to see some changes in your body by your late thirties. It is when these changes begin to impact your life that steps to correct them should be taken, which is what you are doing by contacting our local HGH clinics. On the job productivity is nothing to mess around with, because if you lose your job, that will only bring about depression. Our doctors offer injections of both HGH & testosterone hormone replacement therapy in Lubbock TX. By utilizing results from blood tests that we will send you for, we can ascertain precisely what is going on inside your body, and then our doctor will prescribe the correct course of treatment for your needs. You will see an end to the symptoms you have been experiencing, which will allow you to increase your productivity at work, as well as in the bedroom.

Terrence asks: Can you tell me where to find local HGH clinics in Lubbock TX that I can call? I am tired of feeling tired and listless all the time. By the time I get home from work, all I want to do is collapse on the couch. My wife is nagging me to see a doctor, but I don’t have any insurance. A friend gave me your phone number to call and said you could help. What can you do to help increase my energy level?

We can do a lot to increase your energy level and your motivation, Terrence. Your wife is correct about the fact that you need to have a doctor check you out, and that is precisely what we will do. The fact that you do not have insurance is not an issue. We strive to keep our costs as low as possible. We will arrange for you to have a physical exam at a local clinic, as well as a blood test at a local lab. This will enable our doctor to determine if you have a growth hormone deficiency. If so, the correct treatment will be prescribed for you, and one of our advisors will walk you through the entire program. You will also fill out a medical history form on our website. We will show you how to buy HGH injections in Lubbock TX that will provide you with plenty of energy that will last you all day and night. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will feel like a new man.