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Low Testosterone Treatment in El Paso TX

Low T Treatment in El Paso TX

As a man living in the far western corner of Texas, you have no doubt been wondering about all this talk surrounding low testosterone treatment in El Paso TX. So what is it all about? Well testosterone is that special male hormone that the testes secretes which plays such a vital role in a man’s sexuality and strength that the very mention of Low T is enough to strike fear in a guy. Testosterone gives you all the male characteristics that men, and women for that matter, hold dear. Traits like: strong and toned muscles, fit and trim waistlines, a high sex drive, and lots of energy. There’s little doubt that you can relate to a time and place when you had these things in abundance and felt fantastic. There’s also a good chance that if you have already celebrated your 30th birthday, then you have had less and less of those moments and suddenly wonder why you are plagued by low energy, fatigue and low sex drive. With testosterone replacement therapy in El Paso TX, you won’t be wondering why you are slipping in the male department simply because you won’t be slipping in the male department any longer. Here at Kingsberg Medical, one of the most respected Low T clinics in Texas, we have science on our side, and we are bringing it to you and all of our hormone depleted clients daily. Here’s what you need to know before you start thinking about really dealing with your Low T issues. First of all, there is a process that happens when a man loses his competitive edge and it is a well understood one from a medical point of view. Somewhere around the age of 30, a guy can start to recognize changes that he won’t be happy with. Changes like a decrease in sex drive and performance, a loss of muscle mass and weakening of overall strength. There’s also a likelihood he might start packing on the pounds despite his best efforts not to. It isn’t a pretty scene but the good news is that help is available.  With a testosterone blood test to check levels free and total testosterone, our doctors can detect the presence of a deficiency or what you often hear described as Low T. The state the male body is in when the testes are secreting an inadequate level of this vital hormone is what we refer to as Low T. This depleted hormonal state can wind up leaving a man with all the symptoms we have described as well as low sex drive, low energy and fatigue. Talk about a double, triple and even quadruple whammy!  Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, along comes a solution to your woes. Our clients who have sought out testosterone therapy in El Paso TX already know that a good Low T clinic like Kingsberg Medical can work with you to bring back that sex drive, increase your passion and desire, get your muscles working hard again and make that body of yours do things that it hasn’t done easily in years. How is it done? Testosterone replacement therapy is an exercise in proven science. What the testes have not been able to keep up with in terms of hormone secretion, medical research laboratories have. Researchers in some of the most respected educational facilities and laboratories in the world discovered that if a synthetic protein that acts as a virtual clone of real testosterone is injected into the body, then it will perform all the functions of the original secretion. To a doctor who specializes in low testosterone treatment and can prescribe testosterone injections in El Paso TX this means that he has a nearly magical tool to manage your hormone deficiency. No longer do you simply have to accept that as you get a little older you will also get a little weaker, a little less desirous of sex, a little fatter and be running around with a lot less energy. You’ll be the man that you are capable of being when your hormone levels are where they should be. Here at this Low T clinic we understand the science and our doctors are up to date on all the latest information in the field of testosterone replacement therapy. We have treated countless Texans just like you who wanted to make things happen in their Dallas TX gym again, who wanted to please their partners in bedrooms from Houston TX to Amarillo TX or who just wanted to feel that creative spark and fire again like the artists and musicians in Austin TX do. Not all testosterone clinics in El Paso TX can make that claim. We here at Kingsberg Medical can because we are dedicated to bringing our male clients the most effective, safest, purest and best doctor prescribed injectable testosterone available anywhere. That means results for you and success for us. It is the ultimate win-win scenario.

How to Get Low T Treatment

All of this information probably makes you wonder what you have to look forward to in the pursuit of low testosterone treatment in El Paso TX. Well before we start on specifics, we should let you know that there is no such thing as a safe and legal testosterone that hasn’t been prescribed by a Low T doctor. Only when a person has a verifiable deficiency (using a laboratory blood test) can one of our doctors go ahead with treatment. The bottom line is proving you have a deficiency is the one and only way to get legal testosterone injections. In order to prove that such a problem exists, a Kingsberg Medical doctor will order a comprehensive blood test for you, one that is designed to determine what the free and total testosterone levels in your body actually are. Let us take a minute to explain these specific terms so you’ll understand just what our doctor is checking in your blood. Your free testosterone is that which your body has on call to go to work, and the total number is the amount that is swirling around in your body at any given time. If these numbers fall below accepted normal ranges, then you will have discovered conclusively that you are suffering from a hormone deficiency or Low T. But fear not! Just in the process of discovering that you have a hormone deficiency, you are already on the road to treating it.  Here at Kingsberg Medical, your testosterone replacement therapy doctors in El Paso TX, finding out you have Low T is the call to action. You’ll go over your hormone replacement therapy options as soon as the results are in. Your physician may determine that the most effective form of treatment would be with a respected brand of bioidentical testosterone injections from one of the leading laboratories in the world. We pride ourselves on working with only the safest pharmaceutical companies out there so that basically leads us to the United States and Western European laboratories where the reputation for top quality injectable medications is well documented. You don’t want to play around with your health or jeopardize your results and frankly we don’t want to either. We plan on getting you past your Low T as safely and effectively as possible. As a result, your doctor may tell you about Testosterone Cypionate as one treatment option or also Depo Testosterone. Both of these bioidentical hormones have a proven track record for delivering results in their injectable form and are a great option for low T treatment in El Paso TX.


Billy H. of El Paso TX asks: I have been getting a little less enthusiastic for the time I spend in the bedroom with my wife knocking boots. I’m 36 and she’s 31. It isn’t that I don’t desire her anymore because I surely do. The problem is that something is missing and I can’t put my finger on it. I’d like to get that fire back before we start having real problems around here.  Can local testosterone clinics and doctors in El Paso TX help me out with a problem like this?

The truth, Billy, is that there’s a good chance ONLY local testosterone clinics and doctors in El Paso TX can give you the boost you need in the bedroom. If your tank is running on empty, then all the willpower, self-motivation and cheering in Texas won’t make up for it. The point of Low T therapy is to medically restore testosterone, the critical male hormone that time has been slowly stripping away. We know exactly how that’s done here at Kingsberg Medical, so why not go ahead and give us a call? It’s always toll free at 888-321-8885 and our medical advisers here can answer every question that you can think of. We hope to hear from you real soon.