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What is a Testosterone Blood Test in Amarillo TX

Testosterone Blood Test in Amarillo

This may be one of the most important tests you’ll ever take. Now that you are older, a testosterone blood test in Amarillo TX may just become your new favorite type of test. There are no guessing games to play, no right or wrong answers. What we are looking for in this test is the answer as to whether or not you are living with a testosterone deficiency. Did you have a favorite type of test when you were in school? Perhaps the odds of a true and false test gave you a fighting chance to pass the class. Did you enjoy multiple choice questions that you could whittle away the wrong answers until you were left with the right one? Were essays your favorite because they made you think? Just like those tests, there are no right or wrong answers with the testosterone blood test … however, and now here comes the tricky part – there is no definitive right or wrong answer here as to what the magic number your testosterone level should be. A man’s normal total testosterone level can range from 300 to 1200 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). LabCorp uses a range of 348 – 1197 for men and 10 – 55 for premenopausal women and 7 – 40 for postmenopausal women. Quest Diagnostic uses 250 – 1100 for men and 2 – 45 for females over 18 years of age. If you are confused by this, don’t worry, we are here to sort it out for you. If you were to go to your family physician for a testosterone blood test to check levels free and total, chances are that he or she would not know at what point to offer treatment, and even if they did, prescribing the proper dosage would be even more difficult. We have found that many doctors underestimate the required amount of testosterone therapy, essentially rendering treatment useless. That is why it is imperative to speak with a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy in order to receive the proper treatment for your needs.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Doctors in Amarillo TX Provide the Right Answers

You do not want to take any chances with getting the wrong answers about your blood test results, which is why you want to contact our testosterone replacement therapy doctors in Amarillo TX to ensure you get the right answers that you require in order to look and feel your best. You see, not only do the ranges vary be lab, but there are also other factors, which must be taken into consideration. These factors include your age, weight, and medical condition. Men who are overweight tend to have lower testosterone levels. Medical conditions can also affect your testosterone levels. The level of testosterone that your body produces continues to decrease every year after the age of thirty. For most men, a decrease in production of 1 to 2% is to be expected. Therefore, if you are 50 years old, and have experienced a reduction of 2% each year, your number would be 40% lower than what it was when you were thirty years of age. We have been asked by many men if they should get a testosterone blood test when they reach the age of thirty, to have something to judge by as they continue to age. While that is certainly a good idea, it is not a necessity. Unlike a colonoscopy or mammogram, this is not a required test to prevent or catch cancer; however, it can be useful in assessing when your testosterone level has made a significant decrease. Our doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment and can prescribe testosterone injections in Amarillo TX take proper care in determining at what point therapy or intervention is needed to get your testosterone levels back to where they should be for maximum health benefits. They will not prescribe treatment that you do not need. You can rest assured that you will receive the finest testing and care possible.

When to get Low Testosterone Treatment in Amarillo TX

Deciding when to get tested and begin low testosterone treatment in Amarillo TX is a highly personal decision. No one else can make this choice for you. You can speak with friends or family members who have received treatment for Low T to hear the benefits they received. You can read about the symptoms and benefits on websites such as this one. You can even pick up magazines with articles about the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy. Ultimately, the decision will come from inside you. You have to examine how you look and feel today, at this point in your life. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you happy with how your body looks today? Are you the right weight for your height or have you gained a few pounds, or more, around your middle?
  2. Are your muscles well defined and toned or have you begun to lose lean muscle mass?
  3. How is your sex life? Are you still having a morning erection upon waking? Are you able to maintain an erection as long as you would like during intercourse? Are you deriving the same level of pleasure as when you were younger?
  4. How is your memory and cognitive functioning? Are you forgetting details that were once clear? Do you have trouble concentrating?
  5. Are you sleeping well at night or do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Do you get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night?
  6. Do you wake up energized and refreshed in the morning? Do you have enough energy to power you throughout your day and night?
  7. Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol?
  8. Are you unable to exercise as long as you once did?
  9. Are you depressed or moody?

If the answers to any of these questions surprised you in a negative way, then you may be a candidate for Low T treatment in Amarillo TX. Our doctor will order a blood test to determine your current levels of testosterone, and possibly also growth hormone, to ensure exactly what type of deficiency you are experiencing. Some men and women come to us expecting one answer, only to receive the opposite. It is our goal to provide you with accurate information and a diagnosis that will enable you to receive precisely the treatment that your body requires. Nothing more, nothing less. That is how we ensure you are functioning at 100% of your ability.

Get Answers from our Local Testosterone Clinics and Doctors in Amarillo TX

We asked a number of questions in the previous section that ultimately have to do with the quality of life that you are currently living. If none of those questions applied to you, then the chances that you need our local testosterone clinics and doctors in Amarillo TX are small. In that case, we are wondering why you are here reading this page on our website. However, there is an even greater chance that you are experiencing a number of the adverse symptoms mentioned in those questions. That is why you are here. You want to get answers to why you are tired all the time. You’re concerned about forgetting simple things you once knew as well as you know the back of your hand. You dislike the fact that your pants no longer fit, and your muscle strength has all but vanished. Perhaps the worst part of this for you is the change in your sex life. These situations can all be frustrating, and each one alone can bring about depression. If you are concerned that your on the job productivity is waning, we can help you turn your life around. Of course, the first step is to visit a local lab for your blood test. One of our clinical advisors will set up the appointment for you. You just choose what morning will work, and we will make all the arrangements. This test takes place first thing in the morning since it requires you to be fasting after midnight. That means nothing to eat or drink until after the blood test. Since most labs open early, you can probably accomplish this without missing any time at work. The other appointment we will arrange is for a physical examination. This can take place the same day as your blood test or on a different day. Again, we will arrange this at a time that is convenient for you. The final step is for you to click on the link at the top of this page that is labeled “Medical History Form”. This will take you to the confidential medical questionnaire that you will complete. It is on our secure server, so you can rest assured knowing that your information is private and safe, and will be forwarded directly to our doctor for review. It is that simple to get the entire process started.

Are You a Candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Amarillo TX

Once you have completed those three simple steps, our doctor will review your file to determine if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy in Amarillo TX. If so, a prescription for the precise dosage and duration of treatment will be written for you and given to your clinical advisor. Your advisor will discuss the findings with you, as well as the treatment protocol that the doctor has prescribed for your benefit. You will learn about the different types of injectables available for you to choose from based upon your prescription. Your advisor will discuss the costs associated with each type of injection, and assist you in choosing the one that will work best for your needs. You do not have to worry about visiting a local pharmacy to pick up your medication because we will forward your prescription directly to a fully licensed US pharmacy to be filled and delivered right to your door. One you have received your testosterone blood test and physical examination, self-administering your injections will be accomplished in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You do not have to pay for biweekly office visits in order to get your testosterone shots. Your advisor will provide you with complete written instructions, links to online videos that you can watch, and will even talk you through your first injection over the phone. You will be using the same tiny needles that diabetics use every day, so have no fear, these injections are virtually painless and simple to do. The professional doctors and advisors at our local testosterone clinics in Amarillo TX are here to help you in any way we can. Whenever you have questions, simply pick up the phone and call us. We will continue to monitor you during the entire course of your treatment to ensure you are receiving the benefits you require and desire.

What do You Hope to Achieve from Testosterone Therapy in Amarillo TX

What are your hopes and goals when you begin testosterone therapy in Amarillo TX? Are you hoping to increase the energy level in your body so that you can be more productive than you are now? Are you looking to increase your lean muscle mass at the same time that you decrease your waistline? Do you long to think clearly again while remembering those little details that have been eluding you lately? Are you hoping for a sense of well-being and brighter outlook on life? Do you long for the days and nights when your love-making sessions could go on and on without fail? Testosterone injections can bring all of this to fruition in your life. You can have energy to spare, unbridled passion, clear memory, a cheery disposition, strong muscles, and a trim physique. We want to help you accomplish all of this, so fill out the information requested in the short form on this page. One of our advisors will use this information to call you to discuss your personal situation. Of course, you can also contact us directly at the number on the top of this page. Either way, the time to take action is right now. Testosterone therapy can change your life, and we are here to assist you along the way.